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Housatonic Horizons is the highly regarded student newspaper of HCC, offering regular insights into the news, issues, and interests of our diverse community. Now available online, Horizons publishes new content every week during the academic year. The newspaper is written and produced by students who serve on the staff, primarily as a part of our Publications Workshops classes.

Perspective, The Magazine of Housatonic Horizons

Published in print and online, Perspective offers longer-form journalism about campus life and a range of other topics of interest to HCC students. It is also produced primarily by the Horizons staff,

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Interested in earning three credits while gaining valuable experience and getting published? Want to develop useful skills for a variety of occupations and build your resume or transfer application? Sign up for Publications Workshop 1, COM* E116. For more information contact Professor Steve Mark, the advisor, at smark@hcc.commnet.edu