Emeergency Procedures

HCC Evacuation Procedure

HCC Lock Down Procedure

In the event the building has to be evacuated, notification will be made by activating the college’s fire alarm system. All persons in classrooms / offices should exit the building as quickly but efficiently as possible. It is recommended that you:

  • Be familiar of the evacuation route from the classroom / office you are in.  This can be accomplished by viewing the maps and directions located above the door.  It is very important to follow the listed evacuation route as designated to avoid overloading any one spot such as the “B” Door.
  • Make sure you are aware of a secondary route should your primary route not be available.
  • Do Not Use The Elevator.
  • Faculty / Staff should assist students in evacuating the building and move across the street from the college property.
  • Assist any disabled or challenged persons to the nearest stairwell.Stairwells are designated “areas of refuge” which are fire rated for this purpose. Two way communications is available in all refuge areas. Inform Security by using the intercom in the stairwell.  Evacuation personnel will respond to assist.

Once you have exited the building

  • Proceed to the designated area outside of the building at least across one of the streets from the campus.
  • Remain there until you are notified as to the next course of action

“Lock Down” means the process where individuals inside of the building are instructed to remain inside due to a possible danger.  Categories that could constitute Lock Down include:

  • Natural Disaster
  • Hazardous Material Situation
  • Fire
  • Bomb Threat / Explosion
  • Large Scale Uprising
  • Hostage Situation
  • Active Shooter

If a Lock Down is ordered you should:

  • Gather any individuals near your classroom or office door and bring them inside.
  • Shut and lock the classroom / office door.
  • Turn off any devices causing additional background noise.
  • Move away from any windows, and shut off lights.
  • If possible, get behind or under desks for cover.
  • Turn all cell phones to vibrate and, if needed, use whisper talk or text when using the phone.
  • Remain in Lock Down until told the condition has been lifted.