Admissions to HCC

Admissions Office Contacts:

The Admissions Office assists anyone needing further program information. Please contact the Admissions Office at 203-332-5100 or email.

Dorothy  Gleason Bridges Program Coordinator

Phone: (203)332- 5201
Office: LH-B135

Earl  Graham Director of Admissions

Phone: (203)332- 5290
Office: LH-A106

Wanda  Mulero Office Assistant

Phone: (203)332- 5236
Office: LH-A106

Susan  Ratanavong Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: (203)332- 5103
Office: LH-A106b

Rebecca  Rodriguez Counselor

Phone: (203)332- 5225
Office: LH-A106

Bernard  Shea Assistant Director of Admissions

Phone: (203)332- 8513
Office: LH-A106

Verniece  Still Office Assistant

Phone: (203)332- 5231
Office: LH-A106

Fabiola  Ward-Roberts Office Assistant

Phone: (203)332- 5985
Office: LH-A106