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Coming Spring 2016 - ITALY
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Florence, Italy

HUM 119: The Cities of Italy
This course introduces students to Italian society by examining principal aspects of the country’s cultural development. Through a series of lectures, readings and site visits, they will examine Italian cities as represented in Italian literature, art, and cinema, and the emergence of the Italian language, history, social customs and traditions, in order to understand the uniquely Italian manner of seeing and understanding the world. Students will journey to Italy to observe, understand, respect and participate in the Italian way of life.
BBG 299: Independent Study
Traveling to Italy, students will have the unique opportunity to explore business from a global perspective. They will compare and contrast the American business environment with that in a foreign county, including study, research, observation and experiences in a variety of business disciplines including accounting, marketing, human resources, and more. Students will develop an understanding and respect of the Italian way of life and business customs.

The Colosseum6 credits
Approximate Travel Costs: $3070      
Travel Dates: 3/11/2016 - 3/20/2016

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