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Now What??

Strategies to Improve Your Chances NEXT TIME

(These apply to Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing only. Comments by Leslie Hunter, Admissions Director, are in italics.)

1. Fix what you can

  • Transcript
    • If you were missing pre-reqs, take them
    • If you had a C- in a pre-req, repeat it
    • Anything you repeat – YOU SHOULD MAKE AN “A”

LH: “We want to see evidence that they are still growing as a student. Are they working to improve their GPA? Do they continue to show a pattern of poor grades and withdrawals?”

  •  TEAS (Version V – harder w/ more science)
    • If you didn’t take Version V and do reasonably well (75 or higher??), take it again.

LH: “I believe that the TEAS is a good indicator of someone’s academic abilities. . . . a person’s score will not go up more than a few points, even with study. The exception to that would be students who are actively on the academic upswing and still taking their courses for the first time.”

  • Essay
    • Write a new one. If it didn’t work before, why re-use it??
    • Have someone else read it for clarity – and use SPELLCHECK!

LH: “Students with ESL should be diligent about communicating clearly – in their correspondence and essay. A vital part of their student life will involve writing up clinical observations and communicating with patients.”

  • References
    • Only one new reference letter is required for reapplication, but three new references - even better.
    • Provide a fact-sheet to people who agree to write your letters of reference – the things about your life history you are most proud of, so they can incorporate some of these facts into their letters.

LH: “Encourage them to do some volunteer work between applications and get a reference letter relative to that.”

  • LH: “And the obvious advice – submit a neat and organized application package. Include ALL the required documentation and don’t wait until the end of January.”

LH: “In closing . . . we understand that you can’t change the past. But it’s important to show that they have learned from their mistakes. Instead of hoping we won’t notice a couple of bad semesters or their high school grades, address the issue (either in the essay or in a letter attached to your application).”

You have a big advantage the next time you apply – you’ve done it once already. This time around, do it as soon after September 1 as possible, so your application will really stand out.

The following points will help you decide what to do if you have decided to consider other goals besides a nursing degree at Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing.

2. Broaden your scope

  • St. Vincent’s – part time and evening program
    (Joe Marrone from St. V’s will be at HCC on Thursday, April 14 at 3:30 in C229, and on Sunday, April 17 at 3:30 in C207. Or attend one of St. Vincent’s information sessions at their facility.)
  • CCNP – 25% of class comes from applicants that meet the bare minimum:
    53.3 on TEAS, 2.7 GPA, C+ in A&P I taken within past five years of application.
    (Gayle Barrett from the CCNP will be at HCC on Thursday, April 28 at 4 p.m. in BH135.)

3. How do I spend another year waiting??

  • Take courses towards an associate’s degree in general studies
  • Take courses you know you will need for your eventual BSN
  • Take a course in the medical field you can finish quickly – such as CNA, medical assistant, patient care technician, pharmacy technician, phlebotomy, emergency medical technician.
  • Do some volunteer work – aim for something in the type of field or facility that is your ultimate goal.

4. What if I’m ready to give up on nursing?

  • Get what you need for the associate’s degree in general studies. It will probably be:
    One fine arts, two social sciences, and one more humanities. Run a “graduation evaluation” to see more specifically where your deficiencies for graduation are.
  • Look into other programs that will use a lot of these “pre-nursing courses” such as: Physical Therapy Assistant, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Radiation Therapy, Radiography, Exercise Science.