Campus Advisory
Institutional Research

Institutional Research

Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of the office is to provide pertinent information that can be used by the college, extending to the local community.  Specific duties include to:

  • collect, analyze, present and disseminate relevant data;
  • house a central repository of college information that is easily accessible to interested parties on and off campus;
  • work cooperatively with administrators and faculty to generate and analyze data related to program improvement and new program development;
  • serve as a resource to college departments for research design and methodology related to individual research projects;
  • provide leadership and serve as a resource in the area of student learning outcomes assessment;
  • support the goals of matriculation and graduation through research conducted in areas related to student retention, persistence, attrition, and student success;
  • performing research functions as related to accountability requirements (i.e., NEASC , strategic planning, assessment, academic and student services program review by actively participating in the program review, accreditation, and strategic planning processes;
  • track student satisfaction, needs, and outcomes;
  • explore new opportunities for research that will contribute to institutional improvement and evaluation;
  • meet state and federal reporting requirements;
  • design, administer and analyze internal survey projects;
  • complete external college surveys;
  • assist in the generation of data needed for grant applications; and
  • educate the campus community on the value and uses of research.


Tammalene Mitman, Research Analyst, (203) 332- 5171
Janice Schaeffler, Director of Institutional Research, (203) 332- 5220